Faculty Colloquium

Faculty Colloquium

The Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke University

This year-long colloquium will be guided by three broad objectives:
  • To reinvigorate normative conversations about poverty and inequality on our campuses, so that we can contribute to these conversations with other institutions and organizations across the state.
  • To restore humanistic methods as a core element of poverty scholarship and public engagement.
  • To model a transition from student-centered service learning to faculty-led public scholarship that is sustainable over the long-term, pursues a specific and measurable public good, and is planned and conducted jointly by university and community partners.

The colloquium will begin with colleagues from Duke and UNC. Members will meet monthly and will start by reading shared texts that will ground faculty members in some of the ethical questions raised by the existence of poverty. Why are people poor? Can or should anything be done to alleviate or eradicate poverty? What obligations do others have to the poor? What rights and responsibilities do the poor possess? What constitutes justice in a state or nation’s approach to poverty?

Other meetings will bring in outside speakers to discuss these issues from a variety of perspectives and political backgrounds. Finally, the colloquium members will take two “field trips” to help expose faculty members to the work of their colleagues, to the realities of poverty in this state, and to the people and organizations that are working on the front-lines of poverty reduction.

For additional details about the Faculty Colloquium, download our full information sheet (pdf).

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